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  • In business 13 years
  • Funding modelBootstrapped
  • Team size 17

Our brilliant team creates inspiring and authentic digital solutions for some of the most beloved brands in the world.

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Our stated goal is to be the best place to work in WordPress. Our team is rapidly growing, and we want you to join us! 

How do you maintain flexibility & balance for your team?

As a company with a distributed workplace dating from the beginning, we have developed strategies for the kind of flexibility required in a remote working environment. We have learned to work asynchronously and collaboratively, with as few meetings as possible. We provide clear project goals and tasks, and manage our budgets and forecasting so that nobody works more than 40 hours a week, and nobody works weekends. We understand that our employees have a rich life outside of work and we accommodate flexible schedules, and provide an unlimited PTO policy.
Remote First Parental Leave Company Retreats Flexible Schedule Unlimited Vacation

How do you ensure autonomy and plan for the future?

We value autonomy among our team, and give each team member the space to make their own decisions, and to collaborate with others, when working towards solutions for our clients. Ideas that shape the future of the company come from team members at all levels. As a small team, we are able to move quickly to test these new ideas and continue to refine them over time. In addition, we share transparent quarterly reviews with an overview of our financial forecasting and future plans as we look forward, as well as including updates on new and potential projects in our weekly meetings.
Async Communication Deep Work Long-Term Planning Shared Goal Setting

How does your company try to hire people from underrepresented groups and improve the diversity of your team?

We have a small, but growing, and diverse team and have tried to make diversity and inclusion an important part of our hiring process as we grow. Our number one commitment is to create a safe, inclusive, and accessible work environment with flexibility and benefits that can meet the needs of our employees. Our full team receives D&I and unconscious bias training, and our hiring team gets specific diversity-focused training as well.

To bridge the gap further, we have made steps to include our job listings on job boards that are more inclusive of underrepresented communities. We have also refined our interview process to make it as flexible as possible for candidates that may not be able to accommodate an overextended hiring procedure. However, this is a process through which we are continuing to improve. Our biggest improvement will come as we continue to widen our pipeline, especially in engineering, to include a more diverse set of candidates.

How do you support your team to grow and improve?

We are dedicated to making sure that every team member has a path towards professional development and growth. We work with each person to set professional goals with tangible milestones and work through those in 1:1 meetings and annual reviews. We also provide opportunities for skip-level reviews and upward feedback to make sure we are constantly updating our process. The team also has a number of internal projects that we collaborate on as a way of continuing to improve our skillset and try new technologies. Each week, whenever possible, we set aside time for employees to work on these internal projects, other open source projects, or to widen their skills through personal learning.
Professional Allowance Regular 1×1’s Personal Growth Plans Mentorship Process

Perks and benefits

  • Unlimited PTO
  • Annual Retreat
  • 401k with matching
  • Parental Leave
  • Health, Dental and Vision insurance
  • Equipment budget
  • Professional development budget

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