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  • In business 2 years
  • Funding modelFoundation grants and individual donations
  • Team size 22

We are an R&D lab focused on the social internet. We are researchers, engineers, designers, and community leaders working together to create digital public spaces where people can thrive and connect.

New_ Public profile

Hello from New_ Public! We invite you to join our community of thinkers, designers and technologists building the digital public spaces of the future.

How do you maintain flexibility & balance for your team?

Our organization is fully remote, and we hire employees who live anywhere within the United States or Canada. While our team members generally work within standard business hours in their local time zone, we embrace flexibility and trust so that individuals can have autonomy over their schedules when needed. We also offer generous PTO (23 days per year) and sick leave (10 days per year), as well as more than 15 paid holidays, to support personal well-being and family time.
Remote First Company Retreats

How do you ensure autonomy and plan for the future?

We invite the full team to participate in our annual strategic planning process through synchronous meetings over Zoom, and offer other formats for individuals to submit feedback such as anonymous forms or collaborative platforms like FigJam. We embrace transparency and collaboration, and set aside time for sharing weekly workstream updates across the team to ensure we’re aligned and consistently working in service of our organizational strategy and mission.
Deep Work

How does your company try to hire people from underrepresented groups and improve the diversity of your team?

DEIB is not a checkbox or a marketing statement to us; it is a core part of our mission. We have embedded diversity, equity, and inclusion in our hiring processes by seeking out recruitment outlets that aim to reach individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and creating competency-based interview questionnaires to ensure equity and consistency. We kicked off a DEIB workstream at our March 2024 retreat alongside a seasoned facilitator, and plan to focus on inclusive behaviors this year, as well as equipping the team with tools for how to navigate conflict and harm, and how to give and receive feedback. We see DEIB work as an ongoing process and we are committed to cultivating a culture of care, safety, and belonging, and to equip ourselves with a clear strategy for addressing harm reduction and repair. 

How do you support your team to grow and improve?

We implement a performance management practice across the team twice per year, which involves an initial goal-setting meeting, a mid-point check-in, and a final meeting between each direct report and their manager. We encourage everyone on the team to set up weekly 1:1 meetings with their manager so that goals, challenges, and accomplishments can be addressed on an ongoing basis. 

At present, we subsidize professional development in cases where it fulfills a business need, given budget constraints. However in 2025, we are planning to provide an annual stipend for professional development to every full-time employee at New_ Public.
Regular 1×1’s

Perks and benefits

We offer 23 PTO days per year, 10 sick days, 401(k) with 3% match, 85% employer-paid health insurance for individuals and 60% employer-paid health insurance for families, life insurance, and short-term and long-term disability. We also offer 16 weeks of parental leave, and extended unpaid leaves of absence as needed. Lastly, we fully subsidize travel, lodging, and other expenses for 2 in-person team retreats per year. 

Further reading

We have not published our values yet - although this will be part of a bigger website update later this year. We would be happy to provide PDFs of our values and working norms upon request.

In the meantime, we invite you to read more about our Purpose and our Team to get a better sense of who we are and what we do!

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