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  • In business 10 years
  • Funding modelA business unit of Growens, publicly listed on the Italian Stock Exchange
  • Team size 100

Beefree is a drag-and-drop HTML editor that simplifies the creation of emails and landing pages. We make tools that free people up to do their best work and radically improve how teams create beautiful, high-performing content.

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How do you maintain flexibility & balance for your team?

As a business unit of Growens, Beefree supports work-life balance through the Growens Way of Working (WoW), which enables each one of us to express our talents and full potential regardless of where we work. Thanks to our hybrid approach, we can work from the office, from home, or from anywhere. For some, this means a fully remote setup; others find their most productive environment at our offices. In many cases, it’s a blend of the two. 

We are committed to tailoring solutions that respond to our business and personal needs, in agreement with managers and teammates, allowing us to have a thriving life at work and outside.
Remote First Parental Leave Company Retreats Flexible Schedule Office Allowance Mandatory Minimum Vacation

How do you ensure autonomy and plan for the future?

Our core values and operating principles guide how we work and direct our jobs to be done.  

We focus on data, internal buy-in, and alignment to establish strategic goals, and from there, each team determines its priorities. Our product and development teams, for example, use the Shape Up methodology.  

Leadership provides clear information, training, timelines, tools, and structure for employees to work autonomously. 

This process creates a space where leadership can navigate the project and employees are empowered to align their efforts to the organizational goals.
Deep Work

How does your company try to hire people from underrepresented groups and improve the diversity of your team?

We are committed to increasing diversity in teams. Our choices related to hiring, promotion, and rotation evaluate the diversity (gender, age, ethnicity, background) within teams and seek to maximize diversity where possible.

We also want to make sure we are intentionally structured to support and empower all the people who work with us. We address it through a working group called Grow. Part committee and part community, Grow is a group with open, voluntary, and non-hierarchical membership. It includes people of different nationalities, origins, backgrounds, ages, and job roles who organize and coordinate awareness, engagement, and training activities on DEI issues.

Its mission is to materially increase awareness, dialogue, and transparency on the topics of equality, diversity, inclusion & access to opportunities, thus enabling the organization to provide equal growth and representation for every person. 

Established in 2022, the Grow committee has so far activated initiatives following different paths:

  • Internal analysis & data collection on the Company’s perceived and actual stance on DEI matters, to identify employees’ perception on their treatment within the company and identify any critical areas needing attention. 
  • Education & awareness initiatives, through workshops led by certified external organizations & employees. 
  • Creation of internal communities, networks, and alliances, such as the first LGBTQIA+ community and mentorship programs.
  • Drafting of advanced DEI policies, e.g. on harassment prevention and gender transitions.

The objective is to work incrementally on all aspects relevant to the Beefree people, thus gradually improving the perception and experience of those who work with us and collectively increasing our inclusivity competence.

How do you support your team to grow and improve?

We promote talent and growth starting from the equal opportunity for growth between individual contributors and managers. We strive to meet the needs of each employee, their inclinations, personal expectations, and goals. We have a development system in place based on performance objectives, which are metrics and numbers-based, and development objectives, allowing individuals to focus their attention, with the attentive support and care of their manager, on renewing, increasing, and acquiring skills throughout the year. The focus on growth is constant and supported by a 360-degree feedback system.

Every year, a customized development plan is created for each employee, stemming from an evaluation system that combines the perspectives of the manager, the evaluated employee, and all the other people the latter works with.

Each manager, in agreement with the employee, defines development plans and the tools to implement for the plan's success. Continuous training, ongoing attention to the employee, and constant feedback are the keys to enabling everyone to grow.
Regular 1×1’s Personal Growth Plans Mentorship Process

Perks and benefits

Joining Beefree means becoming part of an empowering scale-up environment. We’re a Made in Italy tech company with team members distributed across Europe and the US. Our blended culture combines the best of both worlds, creating a dynamic environment where you can excel. We prioritize a fair, transparent, and motivating work environment, emphasizing merit, well-being, and continuous development. Our flexible work approach allows you to choose where and when you work, promoting innovation and efficiency.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing
  • Special time off for various reasons, including bereavement, illness, study, caregiving, medical exams, or vaccines.
  • Complementary healthcare plans (Italy) and comprehensive healthcare insurance (USA) with additional benefits.
  • Employee Assistance Program - Medical Travel (USA) providing reimbursement for medical travel expenses.

Career Wellbeing
  • Comprehensive onboarding process starting from the offer letter.
  • Provision of necessary tools and resources, including laptops, monitors, and LinkedIn Learning licenses.
  • Internal mobility program for exploring new roles within the organization.
  • Participation in Growens communities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and building meaningful relationships.

Social Wellbeing
  • Annual company retreats, team-building events, and regular in-person office activities.
  • Various internal events fostering a sense of community, including Meet the CEO, Group Update Webinars, and staff parties.
  • Volunteering time off: 8 hours per year
  • PTO plan: 22 days of vacation and 7 days of sick & safe leave (USA); 26 or more days, in alignment with the reference collective agreement (Italy)

Financial Wellbeing
  • Variable pay systems, salary transparency, and referral bonuses.
  • Meal vouchers, birthday gifts, and supplementary pension provision (Italy).
  • 401K Plan with employer matching (we match 50% of the employee's contribution to the plan up to 6% of the employee's salary), monthly internet stipend, biennial home office stipend, and partnerships with banks (USA).
  • Allowances and discounts for full-remote workers (Italy and USA).
  • E-commerce & in-store discount partnerships offering a variety of discounts for travel, health & wellness, food & beverage, and more.

Beefree is committed to supporting not only the professional growth but also the overall well-being of its employees through a comprehensive range of benefits and initiatives.

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