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  • In business 5 years
  • Funding modelAngel
  • Team size 10

Apostrophe Assembly is a powerful and flexible website factory platform for digital agencies, SaaS companies, higher education, enterprise, and more. It is powered by our open source CMS to allow for powerful custom solutions.

ApostropheCMS profile

How do you maintain flexibility & balance for your team?

We are a distributed team so all team members work remotely. We are at freedom to live anywhere we choose in the world. We have a flexible approach to when people work to allow for time zones and other factors important to us. Our philosophy is that we are running a marathon and not a sprint so we focus on manageable workloads. We close at noon for summer Fridays.

We are a family-friendly work environment. If you need to be at your child's doctor's appointment or play, there is the flexibility to make that happen. Our leadership all has families and models that behavior. Overall, our focus is on accountability and we trust that each team member will get the work done.
Remote First Flexible Schedule

How do you ensure autonomy and plan for the future?

Supporting autonomy is at the core of all of our decisions as a company. Input from all team members is built into our processes on a team and company-wide level. As an example, all team members participate in our quarterly "Assemblée". During this week-long gathering, we bring together all team members from around the globe to collectively create goals and plans on how to achieve them. We use the OKR system to set Objectives and measurable Key Results so we know if we are achieving our goals. In weekly team rituals, all voices are welcomed and encouraged.
Deep Work Long-Term Planning Shared Goal Setting

How does your company try to hire people from underrepresented groups and improve the diversity of your team?

We recognize there is a lot of work to do to increase the diversity on our team and help create a work place that is as inclusive as possible. As we begin hiring again, this will be a top priority. 

How do you support your team to grow and improve?

As a new company, our focus is on the dialogue between team members. We use the OKR methodology to align personal goals with company goals. Core to our work is publishing open source software. This allows those that are involved the opportunity for ongoing professional growth and to build up their own personal profile. 

At our size, we are able to communicate frequently with team members to give feedback, set goals, and support skill development, but we are actively planning for scalable methods that will more broadly support people and make the process transparent.
Personal Growth Plans Mentorship Process

Perks and benefits

  • 15 days of PTO / 20 days of PTO after first year
  • 12 additional holidays off
  • Laptop provided
  • A matching IRA, healthcare insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, and a flexible work schedule.

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