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We exist for our team. Our products and customers allow us to do the best work of our lives, together.

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How do you maintain flexibility & balance for your team?

We believe that some of our best work happens when we are away from the computer. That’s why we committed to four day, 32 hour work weeks, with every Friday off. We’ve been a remote team since our founding in 2000, with team members in many countries and time zones. With flexible schedules, the team is free to work when they are motivated or take time for family when life happens.

Remote First Company Retreats 40 Hours or Less Parental Leave Flexible Schedule Mandatory Minimum Vacation

How do you ensure autonomy and plan for the future?

Deep, focused work combined with mutual trust is at the core of Wildbit’s values. We believe in private, quiet work environments to get your best work done. We are vigilant in reducing distractions and requiring people to be “present” during the day. When it comes to planning, high level company goals are set from leadership for the year and quarters, and the team is expected to come up with solutions and innovate our products, providing real ownership of the process and delivery of features.

Async Communication Long-Term Planning Shared Goal Setting Deep Work

How do you support your team to grow and improve?

Remote work, 32 hour weeks, and autonomy are all nice to have, but it only works if each individual is highly motivated and supported. Each person on the team is supported by a lead to catch up on regular 1×1’s, remove obstacles, and think long term about their career path at Wildbit and beyond. We like to say that we are product agnostic. We exist to support the team in and around Wildbit. From that, everything else follows.

Regular 1×1’s Professional Allowance Personal Focus Plans

Perks and benefits

  • Hack weeks
  • Full benefits
  • Profit sharing
  • 401k program
  • Healthy habits allowance (gym membership, massage, therapy etc)
  • Annual raises
  • 12 weeks parental leave
  • 4 day work weeks
  • 20 PTO days (use as needed)
  • Home office stipend
  • Annual team retreat
  • Professional development budget
  • Book allowance
  • Peer recognition program

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