People-First Jobs

COVID–19 Resources

For individuals

There’s nothing normal about how the world has changed over the last several months. Keeping your calm and maintaining hope is hard enough without job uncertainty or being laid off. So we wanted to start our list with resources that are helping those who need it most.

If you’ve been laid off and need employment as soon as possible, look here first.


Adjusting to your circumstances

For companies & organizations

This can also be a tough time to be running a company or non-profit. The shape of the coming months is uncertain. But whether you’re looking for help with cash flow, or are actually in a position to hire, the following resources may be of use to you.

Quality candidates

Dealing with recession and layoffs

People-first Companies

The companies listed here on People-first Jobs are here for a reason. Here are some of the ways they’re reach putting people front and centre at this time.