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How do you maintain flexibility & balance for your team?

We founded Ghost as a non-profit organisation, which means it can never be bought or sold. The perspective that affords us is to think really long term, rather than working relentlessly for the promise of an exit. The result is that we’ve created a place to work and a set of values that we’re very happy to be stuck with. Great people, meaningful work, and the freedom to build a life we enjoy.

Remote First 40 Hours or Less Parental Leave Flexible Schedule Mandatory Minimum Vacation Unlimited Vacation

How do you ensure autonomy and plan for the future?

We’re big on freedom and responsibility. We hire great people and then give them the space to do their best work, and be measured on the results. We divide the year into 6 project cycles with detailed planning between each one, and try to do as much deep work as possible. Everyone is involved in shaping the future of both the company and the product.

Shared Goal Setting Deep Work

How do you support your team to grow and improve?

Everyone at Ghost has a 1:1 with their manager every 2 weeks to talk about challenges, goals and anything else they hope to accomplish. We don’t do formal skills development. We believe the best people are self-improving, and so we bias toward trying to support people in achieving their own goals with a generous expense budget for books, conferences, courses, or any other professional development.

Regular 1×1’s Professional Allowance Mentorship Process

Perks and benefits

  • Equipment provided (computer, monitor, etc)
  • Annual raises
  • 12 weeks parental leave
  • Conference allowance
  • Home office & coworking allowance
  • Courses allowance
  • One 3 day weekend each month
  • Open source codebase

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