People-First Jobs

How companies can support parents during COVID

As communities begin to announce plans for the upcoming fall semester of school, many parents are getting the news that things will continue in this current state for at least several more months. Here are a few examples of companies helping the parents on their team.

Attracting great people starts with how you position your company

If you’ve created a people-first company, communicate your values, craft thoughtful job descriptions, & share employee stories to stand out in the crowd.

Launching People-First Jobs: Why connecting people matters more than ever

The world is different right now, and yet, businesses are somehow expected to operate the same as they have in the past. There’s both spoken and unspoken pressure to return to “business as usual,” especially if you were already a remote team. Simply picking up where you left off leaves many unanswered questions. Chief among them: Is it appropriate to launch a new feature or product right now?

Survey results: What makes a company People-first?

When we did our soft-launch in December and saw that our idea resonated with others, we knew we wanted to get a lot of input from other people on what others feel makes a people-first company. So we ran a survey to start the year and collect feedback from people (which is still open — add your voice here).

A job board for companies who put People First

We believe that most job boards have it wrong. Instead of searching for a role, you should seek out a company. We’re very excited to launch our new job board,, focused on helping job seekers find companies who prioritize healthy work environments and put people first.