People-First Jobs

What is this?

A job board for companies who put people first.

We believe that most job boards have it wrong. Instead of searching for a role, you should seek out a company. This is a new kind of job board, focused on helping job seekers find companies who put people first.

As we’ve watched funded, growth-at-all-cost companies get all the attention (and admiration) in the job market, we want to bring more awareness to companies like ours — team-centric, profit-focused, and sustainable for the long run.

More and more people are searching for a place where they can do incredible work at a reasonable pace, with a team that cares deeply about their success and craft. We don’t hire often at Wildbit and don’t always have an opening. Instead of turning people away, we set out to create a resource of like-minded companies who are currently hiring.

People First Jobs is specifically focused on companies who put people first. These companies exist to support the human beings around them. These are ambitious companies who optimize people over profits while continuing to grow and innovate. As this resource grows we hope to give job seekers an new, healthier alternative to work.

❤️ Team Wildbit